The Key Tactics of Public Speaking With Your Body Language

Your body language plays a very important role in determining the skills of your public speaking and how well you connect with your listeners. It is what makes your speeches and presentations from normal to excellent and your alleviates your confidence level as well. If you represent a niche that requires you to indulge in public speaking now and then, then you must find the best speaker and trainer in Singapore to work on and polish your skills.


If you have been thinking of the best tips to make your body language more engaging while giving a public speech, then the following points make a very important consideration.

  1. The effective movements and gestures for public speaking: When it comes to public speaking, you need to match with the audience and for that remember NODS meaning neutral, open, defined and strong. This will help you in regulating your upper body movements and this will amplify whatever you say.
  2. Use the space on the stage: speeches are better when you can take up the entire stage feeling like you are controlling the room. Most of the service trainers and speakers in Singapore teach this to be the first skill, capturing the entire space on the stage for better listener engagement.
  3. Facial expressions are important: human face has the talent of reciprocating all the emotions and feelings through their faces. So, control your facial expressions to make the listeners feel what you are speaking.

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